Landel MailBug Email Appliance (LT-302W)

Friday, June 7, 2013 | at 9:26 PM

Landel MailBug Email Appliance (LT-302W)

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Landel MailBug Email Appliance (LT-302W)


  • Send and receive e-mail with an ordinary phone line
  • Caller ID with name, number, time, and date
  • Auto-dialing phone directory with 100 names and numbers
  • Full-size QWERTY keyboard
  • Get quick and easy access to news, sports scores, stock quotes, weather, and more; for use in United States
  • Get quick and easy access to news, sports scores, stock quotes, weather, and more, for use in United States
  • It has full-size QWERTY keyboard
  • you can send and receive e-mail with an ordinary phone line

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